How To Develop Loyalty On-board

Loyalty is defined as ‘a feeling of strong support for someone or something.’ This sentiment is imperative on a superyacht, where a strong team ethic is an essential facet for operating an organised and successful vessel. Like any team, maintaining good relationships with those you’re working and interacting with is essential, but when working in such close quarters (and living together) like that of a yacht environment, building a strong relationship with fellow crew members is absolutely crucial. Loyalty, respect, and trust are the foundation of these durable relationships. If even just one crewmember adopts the “I’ll only look out for myself” mentality, the whole crew can suffer. Remember that old adage “there’s no ‘I’ in team”? Well there’s no ‘I’ in yacht crew either.crew working-loyalty

So, how exactly can you build loyalty on-board your superyacht?

Nurturing strong relationships is crucial. It starts with respecting the yacht crew leaders (Chief Stew, Bosun and Captain) and, of course, demonstrating appreciation for reciprocated respect. Where animosity grows between workers and leaders, success cannot. We have identified 3 key components to developing respect: appreciation, fairness and communication.


build loyaltyShowing appreciation is not difficult – a simple thank you can go a long way. When crew members complete a task, or get through a particularly difficult and trying charter, acknowledging their efforts and hard work can be hugely beneficial, both to the individual and team morale.


Loyalty Thank youConcerning crew members, maintaining an impartial outlook is important. When favouritism starts to become apparent, resentment can quickly cause problems. Showing respect to each and every member of the team can prove to be a great way to build loyalty. Treating everyone fairly and as equals allows crew members to feel valued for their specific skill set. If you need to make exceptions, ensure that the team understands the reason.


Lastly, communicate – the nucleus of the three components. Communication is so important for building loyalty and maintaining healthy relationships. Effective communication skills will allow crew members to feel confident enough to speak up when necessary, and will, in turn, allow everyone to feel as though their voice is heard. Keep away from petty gossip and passive aggressive behaviour to avoid future conflicts.
loyaltyThere is no other experience quite like being a part of a yacht crew. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to handle the responsibility and demanding nature of the job. This is why developing a sense of loyalty between employers and employees is such a valuable asset in the modern yachting industry. Moreover, due to issues of confidentiality and security, the necessity of loyalty is increased. So, when looking for yacht jobs, consider whether you are the type of employee that can dedicate himself or herself to a position/employer in a loyal manner. After all, these are the most sought after employees.

Author: Maggie Peikon

Date: 02/02/2016


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